Tuesday, April 26, 2011

20 Days Later

It has been 20 days since I last posted... I have not given up here! 

Since we moved out of our last home the beginning of this month, the wildness of our situation has gone into overdrive...  Long days and even longer nights! Work until 2 am, come home and start again the next morning...  That's where I've been.  But the time is drawing near where those days will be behind us!

It's strange for me to look back on the pictures of where we started with this place...

Oh, we are getting close...  So what is left?

-stain and finish the rest of the floors
-trim the closets
-paint the closets
-finish plumbing

The floors are being hit hard this week, so they should be done by Sunday...

Is it possible we will finally be moving in by next week?

I am saving the rest of the new pictures for "The Big Reveal".  Keep checking back in the next week or two!

Side note* Our new well is not clearing up... possibly going deeper.  Your continued prayer for our water would bless us immensely!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pineapple Cake and a Chai

Oh the simple joys... 

Pair those with a nice spot on the dirty unfinished hardwood and we've got ourselves a little bit of renovation heaven.  Even if only for just the time it takes me to wolf it down... 

A whole week has passed.

We've made some huge strides since last I was able to post.  I still can't use my computer so downloading proper photos is difficult.  Hooray for cell phones and their not-so-great resolution picture taking capabilities!

Here are just a few of the promised photographs:

---I interrupt this post to announce this very important message---

My nephew Titus was just born! 

 ConGrATuAtioNs Rob and Lindsay!
Ahhh.... babies.

- Back to pictures -

Priming with lots of great help...
Kitchen counters and cabinets altered, installed and refinished.

The two muscle men that hauled in our new beast of a cast iron tub.

Also, the well didn't get drilled yesterday -- and it's not going to be done today either. 


I am holding my breath for tomorow.

Things are slowing down considerably these days.  Ben went back to work on Monday and that puts a pretty substantial cramp on the amount that we can get done in a given day.  I must say though, I'm pretty sure almost all of the biggies are done.  Mostly cosmetics are left.  A little plumbing and framing in of two closets and I should be able to do the rest... not that I love the idea of doing the rest on my own!!  But God has provided and made ways in every dark and discouraging area so far-- 

I can put in a little extra elbow grease and be thankful.

Wow.  When I stop and think back to ONE MONTH AGO... I am, really, so thankful.

*Again, congratulations and God's blessing on you, my sister, as you mother and raise this, your fourth (and as far as we yet know, FINAL) child... I can't wait for the end of June.  I can't wait at all!