Tuesday, April 26, 2011

20 Days Later

It has been 20 days since I last posted... I have not given up here! 

Since we moved out of our last home the beginning of this month, the wildness of our situation has gone into overdrive...  Long days and even longer nights! Work until 2 am, come home and start again the next morning...  That's where I've been.  But the time is drawing near where those days will be behind us!

It's strange for me to look back on the pictures of where we started with this place...

Oh, we are getting close...  So what is left?

-stain and finish the rest of the floors
-trim the closets
-paint the closets
-finish plumbing

The floors are being hit hard this week, so they should be done by Sunday...

Is it possible we will finally be moving in by next week?

I am saving the rest of the new pictures for "The Big Reveal".  Keep checking back in the next week or two!

Side note* Our new well is not clearing up... possibly going deeper.  Your continued prayer for our water would bless us immensely!


  1. It looks like a mattress is in the front of the house under the tree...is that how you all do it in the country instead of a hammock?! LOL Just kidding. It looks great and I am seriously on the edge of my seat to see updated pictures. Prayers your way and let the Lord spring out waters that will bless everyone near and far!!! Happy Easter--Love you all..MUAH!

  2. You dawg! I was excited to see the updated pictures! Lucky for me, I'll be seein' them in real life tomorrow! :D

  3. How exciting! Crossing my fingers that it all goes smoothly with the well.

  4. wow...the house has come such a long way...and you, miss Alicia,(and Ben) have worked SO HARD to get it the way it is!! I love you and I'm so blessed to see God's promise being fulfilled in your life!