Friday, July 1, 2011

If You Can't Say Something Nice...

don't say anything at all!

It's been two months since I said:

The floors are being hit hard this week, so they should be done by Sunday...

Is it possible we will finally be moving in by next week?

I am saving the rest of the new pictures for "The Big Reveal". Keep checking back in the next week or two!

There is a reason for that silence --

The floors are done.
The plumbing is not.
The closets are not.
The trim is not.

We are still not in our home.

No, really this time... the plumbing should be done this week.  (You'd better not hold me to that!)

So, here is what's HAS been going on these past few months:

We have chickens:

13 of them!

I was blessed to help this sweet mama
bring this sweet baby

 I got my Doula website/blog up and running -

Held a garage sale - total flop.
Holding another this weekend at my ma's house.
Sold some things on Ebay.
Oh, we got the floors done... except... no pictures yet. Sorry about that.

We went to move in our furniture and found that on top of it being rather large to fit appropriately in our tiny space, it was covered in "the leavings of a mouse" or rather, multiple mice.  Oh, and WOW. Apparently they don't live by the code, "no mouse left behind".  Because there was one lone maggot pillaged varmint that didn't make it off the couch before it croaked.  Perhaps it went there purposely to croak so it could die in comfort.  Hmmm. I'm typically a tough thing, but I wouldn't be able to get passed that mental picture no matter how well I sanitized those cushions.

We sold them to a friend that was fully informed but not swayed by the details and we went and reclaimed our minurature furniture that had been on loan for the last two years.  Win win.

I think I'll carry on now and write the daily goings on for this half farmlife - half townlife family until the day comes that we are a whole farmlife family... sound good?

Thanks for the encouragement for an update... even though the update isn't all I hoped/promised it would be.


  1. In a birth story there is lots of time to make this baby...there is also a lot of time to make this place a home. To eat an elephant: one bite at a time. If only it was as easy as being born again ey?! I believe that Jesus is working in you and through you to many around you (near and far!). In your daily life just know you are encouraging and teaching us and your own chickadee's! LOVE YOU dearly. And as many probably think~ Can't Wait To See Pictures. (no pressure) oxox

  2. I'm now completely overwhelmed in the small-world-ness of this thing they call the blogosphere! First, I'm so grateful that you started following my blog. I don't take that as any small thing, especially when I love your blog myself. (Whether you found mine on your own or through a comment of mine, I don't care!) You made my weekend. Second, TOO WEIRD: I read Zander's birth story some roundabout way the other day (actually, come to think of it, it might have been through a post of the links you follow...but anyway...) and now through your blog, I discover YOU were the wonderful, sensitive blessing of being her doula! She was blessed to have you. As am I. (Just not the same way. :) )