Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Along the Way

Time is just time right?  What is three weeks or three months?  We missed our mark by a long shot - but are not giving up.  We are still not there, but getting closer everyday.

Here's a picture journal of what's happened in the last two-and-a-half months:

Here are what a few holed under the kitchen cabinets were patches with --

 Love it!  March 31, 1915 -
 My sister and her husband have come twice to help for days at a time... leaps and bounds always happen with their help!  Thanks Charlie and Bek!

 Our cabinet transformation kit- 

 "Poor boys" for dinner -

 Our little out-doorsy girl...
 The beginning of the bathroom transformation -
 Halfway there -
 Where there once was a door -

 Drilling for gold... er... water... might as well be gold, as far as I am concerned!

 Jamie saved the day with his master-sheetrocker abilites -
No more chimney access -

 Texturing the portion of wall that needed replaced -
 Sonny boy helping to paint his room -

 Ceiling before... you'll like the after, but I'm not posting that quite yet -
 The ninja is the best part of this picture, obviously, but you may also want to take a gander at the raw floor here -
 This is where our Little spends much of her time -
 The pond around the corner.  Fishing for Jordan's birthday -
 and Jordan didn't even catch one!
 Our kids absolutely LOVE it here.  Exploration - investigation - something is always captivating them -
 This is just cute -
 Notice the floor - Yes.  It is done.
 We even have some basic furniture in to make our time here more pleasant -
 She's a bendy girl, but the real object of this photo is the old barnwood used to patch the floor where the wall once was -

We have water to the house... if you turn on the pump, run down watch the pressure gauge, run back up and turn it off, then run in the house and use whatever water is needed for the moment (aka flush the toilet, etc...) since we currently have leaks in the system.  Hoping for that to be done this week...

I smile at that thought.  How many hopes for weeks have come and gone?

Days, weeks, months, years... lifetimes. 

This is what we are doing with ours.

Serving Jesus
 Raisin' a bunch of kids
 Taking on projects that teach us, grow us, and benefit us
Loving what we've got
Enjoying all of this life together.

In a modern way, taking us back to 100 years ago.


  1. I love the sconces on the wall (And God said, Let there be Light!). Love the floors and that mason jar top...priceless. I wouldn't change that piece for Nothing! I love it. And wow she sure is bendy. Everything looks great. I can't wait to hear you struck gold..err water. The cabinets in the kitchen..will they be that dark cherry in color that was on the box? I am certain you are all working at lightening speeds as winter will be upon you all in a blink! The pond and exploring...you are teaching them millions of wonderful traditions, values, and memories. In your struggles I learn. I pray for you all and hope all will go smoothly to the very end. Muah~

  2. That picture of Eligh with the sunglasses on and her pointing is so good! The house is looking fantastic. It is just crazy to see before and after pictures.

  3. I love seeing the everyday in and amongst your renovations, the things that can't be stopped: missing front teeth (my girl looks like that right now, too), ninja suits, stopping for bugs, birthdays, and Nerf guns (also a staple in our house). Here's to - and giving thanks for! - the life that keeps going, despite our plans. :D

  4. (PS, I've had EXACTLY the same problem trying to sign in to leave comments on other people's blogs. I have finally given up and just use the name/url option.)