Friday, February 18, 2011

The 10 Grand Budget

Beginning Budget:          $10,220
$2,500 - Septic Tank, pipe, and install (Local Company)
$1,030 - Electrical supplies, well suplies, misc. supplies
               (The Home Depot)
   $143 - Ceiling Wallpaper (Paper My Walls -
$1,346 - Clawfoot tub w/ all accessories (
   $700 - More electrical, lighting, floor prep/varnish
               (The Home Depot)
   $950 - Countertop, shelves, water heater, toilet, paint
               supplies, floor stain/varnish, more lighting, etc...
               (The Home Depot)

Current Remaining:           $3,551

Still To Do/Buy (and there is probably plenty that is yet to be realized):

Install Front Door, Interior Doors, Kitchen Range, Dishwasher,  Stain and Varnish all flooring, Replacement Trim Pieces, Furnace, Furnace Accessories, Install Furnace, Replace Floor Around Toilet, Tile Bathroom Floor, Remove Wallpaper From Three Bedrooms and Three Ceilings, Patch Cracked Walls, Buy Paint, Paint Walls and Trim, Paint Existing Kitchen Cabinetry, Reinstall Cabinetry,  Install Countertop, Water Filtration System, Remove Exterior Door In Kitchen, Patch The Hole Where There Used To Be A Door In The Kitchen, Fix Hole In Roof Where Chimney Was Removed, Hardware For Everything, Pay Electrician For Complete Home Rewire, Paint House Exterior...

That would get it to a good livable state... We will probably end up settling for a decent state by the time we have to move in. But the list continues!

New Windows, Level/ Fence/ Seed Property, Clear Property of All Dead Trees, etc..., Prune Trees in Orchard, Fix Screened in Porch (New Screen, Repair Ceiling, Redo Floor, Get A Screen Door), Landscaping

That would make it great. Ah... One more thing:


That would make it amazing.


  1. have you guys checked out the habitat for humanity thrift store in twin? we got a lot of our stuff, even off tint paint, windows, and doors there.

  2. Yes! We just went last Friday. Weren't ready to buy, but good to see all they had to offer. Thanks!