Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Who wants to have some fun? A first for Wild Wednesday's...

It is late.

Ben is hard at work -- trying out stain stripper on that three inch border around the floor I was telling you about.

My house is in a massive state of disarray... but it's all getting moved anyway.  So here I sit...

My three older "little chicks" are tucked in and fast asleep in mom and dad's bed.  The little is, unbeknownst to her, though curled up and far away in dreamland, all alone.

Now, in the quiet of this evening, I am finding the Lord is doing some work on this hard woman.

I need to slow down, I need to laugh more, I need to be patient, I need to play.  When did I stop enjoying what I have right now and lose my focus completely to the future?

Can we enjoy right now again?  Can I be thankful for the grubby unwashed hands that just plunged into my bread dough because those hands couldn't resist the opportunity to help?  Can I laugh instead of the frightening opposite of laughter?  The answer is yes.  Though I do prefer thoroughly washed hands before food handling... life with children happens... frequently.  Oh how I do adore those short, but skillfully created people God entrusted to me!! 

In the midst of our hasty days for the forseeable future, I would like to dedicate Wednesday's to a family fun challenge.  Not all of us are renovating on an impossible time frame, but we all are too busy.  So here's to actually acting on what our heart's are crying out for: More time for what actually matters.  More time for the Lord, His Word.  More time for our spouses, our children.  More time to breathe with out the invisible push from behind...

Let's have some real fun -- together.


Backwards Day -
This is an easy one when time really is crunched.  A simple way to connect with and amuse your kids (and yourselves!).  This can be as simple as just switch breakfast with dinner - or - as complex as walking backward everywhere you go, wearing your clothes backwards, or anything else wild and wacky you can come up with!  The wierder the better! A real hit... this one is!

So off you go... make it happen between now and next Wednesday. 

*Please comment below when you have hosted your very own "Backwards Day" and let us know how it went/what your children thought/what the funnest part was.  I can't wait to hear from you!

Big day tomorrow... Good night!

Alicia Grace


  1. Thank you for always keeping life in perspective! It has been a crazy week here and I too need to laugh more (Douglas is sooo good at this)...and just relish in my blessings. Gonna try to do wacky...thinking we'll put the children in our bed and we'll sleep in theirs?! LOL

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