Friday, February 25, 2011

If only I knew how to whistle...

then I would have been able to whistle while I worked today.

The day was full of stain stripping and wallpaper stripping. 

I think I would have much more enjoyed the whistling.

Thankful.  I am so thankful this wallpaper has come off quite well with no fancy wallpaper removal system in use.  Just grab a corner and pull!  We will break out the special solution for what didn't cooperate in a few days... after my right arm - from my wrist to my shoulder - return to proper working order.

(By the way, there are all sorts of hidden perks in doing this renovation:  I've been meaning to bulk up my right arm, just the right one, for some time now. Ha!)

And I suppose the stain stripper worked well if you consider two or three coats of stripper (30 minute set time each), then a good sanding with a belt sander "working well".  Though, again, thankful we are done burning through the $7+ sheets of sandpaper.  (See that? Always a silver lining.)

I am just sure that we are missing something!  People do this for a living - refinishing old hardwood floors - so I am still waiting for someone to fill us in on the trick.  And preferrably sooner than later... you may recall we are on a bit of a deadline.

It's good to roll with the punches.  So the wallpaper is only half removed and the trouble with the floors is still trouble.  There is no use wishing or whining.  Just doing.  We'll do  it again tomorrow!  And at least the wallpaper is half removed and the floor is slightly less trouble than it was this morning.

I still wish I could whistle.

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