Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's already begun - The Farmhouse Renovation

I'm thinking... We are doing something a little larger than life here, so I might want to document it.  But reality is that this renovation won't take forever, so this blog has to be about more than a renovation.  I guess this could be yet another "look how I decorated my home" blog, but it's probably not going to be all that fancy that anybody would want to see it.  So...

I've wanted to live in the country since before I was even out of my parents house.  (For a little background info, I grew up in a town of 901 people.  You might think, "Shoot. That IS the country!" But, I assure you, even towns that small still have "country" for those that wish to be even further removed!) And since becoming a mother, that hope for a country home to raise my children on has grown stronger.  After nine years of marriage and four sweet babies, the Lord granted my request and blessed us with the property of our dreams.  Sure, it's a tad bit rough... nothing some good ol' fashioned work ethic can't handle.

Why "100 Years Ago"? Because the fuel behind my farmhouse fire is that something isn't right.  Our homes, our marriages, our families, our nutrition, our schools, our work ethic, our discipline, our respect for others, and more is at a crisis point.  I was in a wholistic nutrition program last year and one phrase a teacher spoke to us changed the way I wanted to live in one instant.

"If it has not been around for at least 100 years... don't use it, eat it, or do it". 

  So in the long run, that's what this blog will be all about.
  • Having a small family farm (the home wasn't built quite that long ago, but it will do nicely)
  • Growing and raising a lot of our own food (meat included) to eat like they did in the "olden days" -- out with the canola, in with the lard, mostly made from scratch foods, etc... 
  • Trying to teach our children the ways of old... the value of hard work, discipline, and respect, and to develop in them a love for the Lord Jesus, each other, and God's creation that is unshakable.

You'll be hearing from me...

Alicia Grace


  1. YOU inspire me. And Lard huh?! If you say it's okay well by golly then it must be. Here's to a hundred years of great health, marriage and children!

  2. Hey my friend! We'd be far less accomplished in this process if it wasn't for you and D! Thanks for all your encouragement and help thus far! And yup. Lard. All the cardiovascular issues have skyrocketed since the addition of the "new heart healthy" oils and diet recommendations! Don't sit and drink it... don't fry your chicken EVERY night, but yup! It's good for you! ;)Muah!

  3. Hi, there! You don't know me. :) I have desires for farmhousey living, too (not sure that I'm ready to start a real farm just yet, and definitely don't have the space, but who knows what God has in store!), and I happened upon your blog while searching for a farmhousey background for my own blog (that no one reads), so I understand the importance of feedback love! :) I'm on board with you - fight the good fight, sister, and if I never make it to Idaho, I'll see you on the Other Side! :)

  4. Renovation is always going to be a huge undertaking, i've completed two properties to a standard I was happy with. We had to gut most of them right back to bare floors and walls - sometimes taking out interior walls and removing all plastering/plasterboard. We've always had to rewire and redo the plumbing, as much as a precaution as anything. For anyone doing the same we found a ton of good electricians in Bedford to help.

  5. How did your renovation turn out? :)