Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Calm

It is Christmastime.

Amidst the bustle of days and days, there is a driving need for time and peace. Slow down the frantic to see the King of Glory in everyday. In every minute.

Eligh twirls to The First Noel played by a children's toy... like that moment.

But neccessary life?

Errands and lessons and groceries and visits with friends.  Housekeeping and quiet-times and getting presentable-looking.  Schooling and meal-creating and time to just be.

In-between that which must be done there ARE -- precious moments.

Oh, beware my time-wasters.  Joy-killers.  Life-suckers.
... I attempt. I'll call it intention. (Here are seven ways to help ensure your ability to see those moments in your day.  And tomorrow.)

Live unharried to see the sweet moment recurring this day.  To see the opportunities to make someone else's day... to reach beyond and reach through and affect their eternity.  Becuase Jesus came. The infinite God made small babe. Christmas. The one  Precious Moment offered you and me.

And eternity awaits.  Remember this each day and in-between what must be done... there is awe

Slowness to rush through and miss it.  It is in the effort of calm and intent these days -- the expectation of something sweet...

Kisses for mama.  Dances for Eligh.

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  1. You are a truly gifted writer. I love that we think a like. It's even greater to be reminded of things I know in such a fast pace world this time of year that my head seems to forget.
    We don't have a tree this year and thought to take the little ones to the dollar store and pick out a few things that will make it a wee bit more merry around the cottage. Jesus is in our hearts and talked about the day he was born often. In a child's eye-- nothing like seeing the sparkle of tinsel or lights to really make them smile and feel God's goodness.
    Merriest of Christmas's to the Thompson family!

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