Monday, December 12, 2011

Make It A Monday

Times of feasting and times of famine.  Such is life.

And Jesus knows.  He was born into the lowly class of carpenters to live the phrase: money can't buy love.  Love is a free gift and one that Jesus was to perfection.  So, while this season is about so much more than how full the space is between the bottom branches of the Christmas tree and the floor, it is inevitable that there is likely something you want, but may not be able to afford.

For me this year, one of those wished-for items was a pretty tree skirt... actually, it's been the last few years.  And not that they are ALL terribly expensive; it was a matter of prioritizing our spending and a new tree skirt has just never made the list.

I saw this on Pinterest:

(Although, I wish I had seen this:)
A new, pretty tree skirt. I could wish forever for a pile of unallocated funds, or I could do what I could do to get what I wanted despite the lack-there-of said funds.  So -- I made it.  With fabric I already had, a glue gun, and a few hours of commitment to the cause. 

The tutorial I used is here.  The tutorial for the second picture is here.  (Both basically the same but the technique is what makes them look different.)

For more of a dramatic ruffle like picture two, I'd gather more of the fabric per ruffle than I did.  But you know, there's always a learning curve the first time around anything.

You may like your tree skirt just fine, but I encourage you... whatever it is you've had your eye on -- if you can't buy it, chances are you can make it.

It may not be full under our tree... a definite famine there by choice, but it sure is pretty.  And we've got lots of love. 

Hearts bursting with it.

Lives living by It.


  1. Beautiful skirt! Your fingers are so talented! Ya know, Edyn sleeps every night and searches for the little blankie you made her. Sometimes the homemade gifts are the ones people also remember and hold dear to their hearts forever!

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