Sunday, December 4, 2011

Of Days Gone By

Yep.  The big ol ugly ??? (whatever it was) is going, going...


Grandma Snyder canned our pears for us this year...  xoxo

A slight problem with venting your dyer INTO your house.

Doesn't look like much to be proud of, but that is how we heat our house.  A little vent cover would do nicely here... yes?

Tea time with my girls...

 Paper scrap creations

Reading and more reading.


I love Christmas and that guy. 

And am so thankful for these people that God has given to me!

 Time for sledding...

Time for Jesus with our Daily Advent devotion -- The Jesse Tree

In three months there has been a little more progress... but a lot more life.

Days go by...

(And as soon as we can find our SD card (grrr)... there will be pictures of curtains and a Christmas tree and other curtains that don't cover windows...)


  1. Making our house a do it so perfectly! LOVE the jar fruit. I think I would be eating that all before the end of the year!? Our dryer also is vented in the downstairs and we found out that it can make things Very Wet! lol Can't believe there is that much snow there already! It somewhere in the mid 70's here today. Love the advent devotional tree..would love to hear more about that one! Love new traditions. Love you all so much. ox

  2. And did you save the wood from the screened porch to refurbish into something else?? A cute night stand or bench would be lovely!!! Can't wait to see more pictures.

  3. Hello, my dear! Long time, no read. :) Just thought I'd mention that my son has that same Iron Man suit. That's all. :)

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