Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Lesson From 100 Years Ago - Wild Wednesday

I have died a thousand deaths at the sound of a knock at the door.

And even as I write this, I've got yesterday's mascara bleeding with my attempt of last nights sleep, my bathroom isn't clean, and there is no fresh coffee brewing... oh, and there is laundry that needs folding on my couch.  So by all means stay away.

Have we become so deluded with ourselves and absorbed with our pride?  Yes.  Yes we have.

In the days of ol', they had their share of hardships, but they did get somethings very right.

(Google image)

Hospitality.  Relationships. 

Pop-ins were the norm and living together (community-wise) was expected.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were a given and all the merrier if someone unexpected showed up.  There were still dishes that needed done, bathrooms that needed cleaning and coffee that needed brewing... there was grace offered by friends when they showed up to something resembling chaos.  After all, in the between of spontaneous joys, there is a whole lot of living.  Especially in this humble home of six, soon-to-be seven.

In today's race of measuring up, we rush and stretch and bend and close our eyes.  We die a thousand deaths at the ring of a phone or, heaven forbid, the unexpected sound of the doorbell.  Is it the subconscious thought, "Who wants more of me now?"  Our homes and our heads are in constant turmoil... our children, alone, hunger for food and for time devoted to more than glances and shoulder brushes.  And now we have to make room for more?

Maybe it's actually a case of making room for less...  less idleness.  Less meaningless.  Less apathy.

Less dreaming and more doing.

Less Facebook and Pinterest - More folding clothes and preparing my day.

Less texting - More intentional, meaningful, human contact....  Realness.

So no more dying... Duties and messes and kids in all their wonder are a given, but despite them, my doors - my coffee pot - my fridge, even! - is always open.

Come and make my day.


Wild Wednesday Returns --

Make someone's day.  Open your home this week.  MAKE THE TIME.  It does not need to be fancy in the least, but do make it special.

It can be as elaborate as a 5 course meal with fancy linens and a violinist... or for the more simple-minded like myself, a pot of coffee or a fresh quart of chai concentrate and maybe some muffins or cookies.  Or for dudes: some cans of mountain dew and a bag of chips...

Whatever shape it takes, it's the intention and relationship that is at the heart of it.  If you burn your cookies... that's all the better!  You are a fallable human and there are no fronts or pride you need to hold on to.  Open your home... and you just might find your heart opening too!

Remember it's about being real.  This isn't a time to showcase your biggest and best and get caught up in keeping up.  They have a daughter who won a talent contest (maybe it was even 10 years ago!)?  That is great!  Really great. ---->  .

So, off you go!  Make it happen!  You'll be blessed because of it.

*I do love hearing from you!  If you take on this weeks challenge, comment back and let me know... how'd it go?  What did you do?


  1. Leesh, I love to hear how laundry still is on your couch. What I wouldn't do to come over and fold it for you, perhaps even put it away! ;) Great challenge this week. I know I don't see many people here and tomorrow I am going to ask two girls to stop by the cottage one afternoon next week. I will burn the cookies but am thinking of picking up a cute fruit cake they sell at the grocery store!! I have had my eye on it and now is a great reason to get it and SHARE it! I have thought of this. I remember greatly and fondly of a friend who's house was always in disarray and that was the most comfortable place to be! When I hear a friend of ours say how she wishes she could come visit us and our crazy homey ciaos that she just adores...warms your heart. Messes are good and we are great at it! haha Love you and hope many will do this challenge. (especially when new people are come to town--if only more would do this) God bless~ ox rub that belly.

  2. after reading what I's not a "fruit cake ---but a cake with fresh strawberries, kiwi and peaches on top of the icing!" Can't imagine if I severed old fashion fruit cake..they wouldn't come back over! LOL and tomorrow is the CG Christmas dinner and as long as no one is super sick we are having a date night and going to it!! So hopefully I will get to mingle with some other wives! Hope you have a great time with whomever stops by. I would ALL THE TIME if I lived near. Why aren't they?!? :) Do it for me ladies!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow I do miss those laundry piled high house slipper days when a FRIEND popped distract me from dreary thoughts and loneliness of just little ones. A chat, a cup of tea, some shared stories and recipes. A small visit yet the rest of the day would go by with wings and a full heart. Sooo true. The music was beautiful. You have refreshed my heart. Lynn C.

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