Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Best is Yet to Come!

You bet it is!  So I'm taking you on somewhat of a tour today. 

 A tour of my mind! 

I'll show you some of what we have, some of what I love, and some of what is yet to be...

First up...
I found this house on Country Living's website.  I love every single thing about it.
  • the walls and entry table.
  • the armoire and the loooong table. I've wanted one of those for years. 
  • that we actually have awesome trees to hook a hammock up to!
  • this outdoor dining set up.  We will have a screened porch that is going to be fabulous!
  • this kitchen. Our sink will be skirted and we will have mostly open shelving.
  • this bathroom.  Notice the shelf and hooks, as well as, the wall detail. 
  • the outdoor paint color scheme.  Not sure if we should go for the cream as our roof is white tin... but either way: green/cream/dark brown or green/white/dark brown... I'm in love with it 

Out in the shop the other day, I saw, tucked back in a dark corner, an old cabinet of some sort... I haven't thoroughly inspected it, but I'm thinking: kitchen island...

We were going to forgo an island for a dining table, but I brainstormed lastnight.  I searched my idea in Google and sure as shootin'... it's already been done.
With a family of six, presently, the idea is a bit of a challenge, but i'm thinking squared instead of rounded and seating for seven.  ...It'll work.  It's even more exciting because of the added storage to the existing deficiency in that area!

We have another idea, but I can't find any pictures of anyone else who's done something similar.  We have high ceilings in our house (which does a lot for the house since the sqare footage is so little) but the closets in the children's rooms have tiny doors.  So, we are thinking we'll make little reading nook/hide-outs above the closets since it is all wasted, unusable space up there anyway!  They'll be about the size of a twin bed.  Fun!

The following are most of the light fixtures we've purchased.  The only missing are the bathroom fixtures.  I do adore the chandelier which will be going in the girls bedroom.  The fans will go in the other two bedrooms, the pendants and semi-flush mount in the kitchen and the sconces in the living room.
Our tub!  It's tiny. 

The bathroom is so small that it only has room for a 54" bathtub.  For as short as it is, it makes up for it in depth.  I can't wait to get this thing installed! We got it from  Incredible prices and even better savings when you purchase a tub package.  We searched everywhere from Craigslist for a used to for a bargain.  Nowhere came even remotely close... and these are brand new with the entire set up!  I am a fan.

There.  Just a glimpse of the promise.
(and it is promising... we've got some great help!)

Happy Saturday!  The sun is shining and it's warming up...
-Alicia Grace


  1. LOVE IT ALL!!! You have perfect taste. We are going to paint our corner entertainment cabinet white and antique it sometime very soon. Got the milk paint today for it. Can't wait to start that project. I'll do before and afters. I LOVE decorating a house. One thing I look forward to in all these moves. This house may be one I will truly miss though. If only we could of had the fireplace working (never got the gas hooked up). Love you dearly and am thrilled with what you have picked so far. Hope putting it all together is flawless. ox

  2. SUPER cute!!! I LOVE it all. You have great taste my dear. :)

  3. Love the chandelier for the girls' room! Maybe a little stenciling in there, too?

  4. our house has high ceilings as well. John made a bookshelf that is up towards the ceiling (I am guessing that is what you are talking about) It is big enough for Virginia to crawl into and read a book as soon as we find some bunk beds for the girls.
    I have always had a deep love for clawfoot tubs!