Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Into the Wild Blue Yonder - Wild Wednesday

The torrent of bird calls outside bids the windows to open despite the still unfriendly temperatures.  I can't stand the sound when it spills from speakers playing "nature sounds", but the trueness of nature, flooding in through the open windows, is a pure delight. 

We welcome you, Spring, with all your splendor!

We did our best to put the rush on Spring... we made pinecone bird feeders and planted flower seeds.  With warmer temps and rain, rain, rain, instead of snow, snow, snow... I'd say we're getting there! 

This week will be an adventure!  The family that explores together, soars together... (like it?)


Meet in the driveway with a picnic, a sweater, and a sense of adventure. 

Load up and head off (or, if you are walking -- just head off) into the "Wild Blue Yonder" (how far and for how long will depend on your whim and schedule -- and perhaps gas tank!).  Decide once you are on your way where you are headed!  Aim for somewhere you've never been... a tour of the city or head for the hills and scout for your first camping spot of the season.  Lord willing the weather is good and you can dine on your picnic when you "arrive" at your destination.  Be sure to regale each other with strange travel tales along the way!  Not that creative??  I'm not!  Make sure to take some fun travel books, or tell a make-it-up-as-you-go story where everyone gets a turn telling a portion of the story... 


Be blessed as you make an effort to focus more on the joys of being a family vs. the struggles of it...

Come back and share where you ended up... I'd love to hear it!
-Alicia Grace


  1. Love it Leesh :)

    xo Jordy

  2. Love the idea of them making a story as we go along. To hear what goes on in their heads and get it on paper--priceless! As we are getting ready to move I really see how wonderful you are at incorporating the children in the moving/remodeling process. There is an art to that too. Let the spring in and the energy that comes with it. Us parents need that extra bit!!! We'll be doing a road trip next week...I'll keep a log of that adventure and share. xo