Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rush the Spring - Wild Wednesday

"Where's my tie?"

In with Eligh.

"Uh... Mom?  I need a belt."

Haha! Yes you do! Unfortunately, it is also in with the little sleeping beauty...

"My tights??"

Why didn't you guys get all your things out before I put her down?

"I don't know..."

"I don't know..."


As doing something as effort-full as this usually goes... we were short on time and everyone needed something. 

Everything needed ironed. Oh, and we should be leaving now, but no one's hair is done. And make-up.

We manage.

We made our way out the door, through six inches of snow, in our fanciest of attire and in to town for lunch at Pizza Hut.  Boy howdy, do we ever know how to do fancy!

It was a big day after all...  Not only were we celebrating life as us, but we had a couple of readers on our hands that had earned their Book-it's last month!

Here are a couple of pictures of another participating Wild Wednesday family!

I love it!! Thanks for sharing!


On to this weeks Family Fun Challenge!

In honor of this weeks snow, today's challenge is: "The Spring Rush" from a book called "Let's Make a Memory (here).

Google Image

Choose at least one but, if you are so inclined to do more, please do

Before Spring actually arrives, watch for it's promises.  When the snow is still on the ground in late February or early March:  (All you fun-in-the-sun-all-year-'round bunnies, just play along, would you?)

  • Pick limbs of pussy willows and bring them inside.  Put them in water and watch spring pop out!
  • Pick forsythia (click here for picture) or any other limb at the first sign of budding, and bring it in and put in water
  • Plant tulip, daffodil, or hycinth bulbs inside.  Keep them watered and in a sunny window.
  • Fill the house with construction paper daisies.  Tape them to windows, doors, refrigerator, and hang them with thread from the ceilings, etc....
  • Welcome the birds with suet, tiny balls of meat, and seeds.
  • Cut off the tops of milk cartons. Fill the carons with soil and plant dwarf marigold seeds.  They come up and grow quickly, and they may even be ready to bloom by the time it is warm enough to transplant them outside!
  • Have a contest of Spring First's.  Make a sign from a poster board or chalk board, etc... and title it "Spring Firsts".  Place it in a prominent place in your home.  Discuss typical signs of Spring and make a list on the board. (Ex: A Robin, a tree blossom, green grass, crocus, etc...)  Then, as the season starts to change, little by little, everyone is to be on the look out for the items on the list.  Whoever is the first to spot a "first sight of Spring" gets to put their name next to it.  Make it a competition or just make it a fun way to explore God's gift of SPRING together!

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It has taken a bit of extra effort and a lot of just plain committing to do these challenges, but I (and my husband and children as well) have been exceedingly blessed by doing these simple things once a week! 

I can't wait to get a rush on Spring!

Alicia Grace


  1. We just went seed shopping yesterday and are on to mapping out our garden! Trying to figure out mulch, top soil, what plants grow well together, etc... I bet spring is going to get here before this amateur gardener is ready!

  2. I feel like a cheater with this one. We have had flowers come and go and on to summer ones here. We've even had the pool out (although it's very chilly here this week). Our seeds are planted and waiting to go into the garden after this little cold spell we are having here (although nothing compared to you). I have taken pride in walking around each morning to see what new flower has come out. The girls loved to see the trees bud and flower. Our hibiscus has the most beautiful flowers and that was our lastest find. I will get some pics to warm your hearts. Love you dearly. Let's get some warmth in with that spring time thaw!! ox