Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Make it Fancy -- Wild Wednesday

Rushing. Hurry. Rush. Rush. Go.
Wake up.
Morning routine
Eat. Eat. Eat!
School. Quick! Let's go.
Cousin's, Grammey's and friend's for the days. For the nights.
And again.

With a week like that, doing our Backwards Day challenge was a joy.

I'm a little off in the mornings to begin with, but our 13 month old had one of her worst nights yet due to a fever, so I decided to forgo the plan to have hamburgers for breakfast and make grilled ham and cheese instead.

(The picture did not turn out!)

We wore our clothes backwards, walked backwards most everywhere,  and said "thankyou" instead of "please" and "please" instead of "thankyou"...  I tried teaching Nia pig-latin.  She memorized a few key words. "I hay Racie gay and Ade Zay!"

My oldest son got to go snowboarding with his dad that day, so he missed out on most of the fun (I have a  feeling he didn't miss it too bad!).  My three year old wouldn't have anything to do with putting his clothes on the wrong way or even walking backwards, and the baby would have just been more effort for the sake of my satisfaction... So, it was just Daughter and me. 

We headed off for lunch and a prayer meeting at my sis-in-laws, so the cousins got to join our fun for a few hours.

We had breakfast for dinner -- biscuits and gravy.  Homemade.  Can I say that, for me, there is something deeply satisfying about making something from scratch and seeing it transform into something pretty?  Whether in the kitchen our in the craft room.  I got way happy from our breakfast-for-dinner long before I took my first bite!

The two that were home wanted to sleep on the floor to end Backwards Day with a bang.

Brother came home smiling from ear to ear.  He had fun.  I know this to be true for that was the one repetative statement that kept coming out of his mouth accompanied by an unfading grin.

He didn't want to sleep on the floor.
After boarding all day... 
I can totally understand that.

What a way to tell my kids with actions how much I love them. We had fun together.  It is so much easier to just get through the day.  Rush through the day... days, with those extra pieces of luggage that almost seem like figments at times.  Our children.  Slow down, I urge you, even if it is just from time to time, though, the more often the better.  Make a moment special if not a whole day. 
This weeks challenge is "Have a Fancy Dinner", inspired by none other that the expert on all things fancy herself: Fancy Nancy.  (I highly recommend the book!)

Dress up in your Sunday best, black tie formal, or for those truly extravagant, do it Fancy Nancy style.
Decorate you dining room table to the hilt...

or again, for those more extrovert family types, go out! 
Dress up, then go out for pizza, or Chinese, or even "Oo la la, Italian"...

What fun!

If anyone participates in this weeks challenge or even if you still want to do last weeks challenge this week,  I'd love to see pictures!  I'll have to figure out how to make it so you can upload your pics to these posts.

So go on now... make some memories!


  1. Well, I forgot. (usual for me) would be a great day to do it (dad has duty)! Or maybe start it tomorrow morning and do the fancy nancy tonight! Oh how I so enjoy dinner by candle light. If only they wouldn't try to blow it out every time! Thanks for reminding me why I wake up every see those smiling faces! I can't believe how big they all are ...kiss them each for me. ox

  2. I love that beaming picture of Jordan!! I can't wait for Gabe to understand frontwards day so we can have a backwards day!

  3. Hey! We inadvertently found a way to do backwards day! Charlie and I have an impromptu date tonight, so I jumped in the tub without Gabe to shave my legs, and he got the brainiac idea to wash mama! So then I let him put lotion on me, too! :) He LOVED it and was cracking up the whole time, like he was really getting away with something.