Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh the JOY! The WINNER!!

#19...  Dustin Renz!  Congratulations and may this framed manifesto be a blessing to your home and greatly enrich your family!

Thank you to everyone who entered. It blesses me to hear your hearts and stories!  I encourage all those who did not win to visit A Holy Experience and print off your own 10 Point Manifesto.

...Until the next Freebie Friday!
Again, for those who are curious... I use a random number picker (here) to pick a number from the total number of valid entries.  *My replies to posts as well as anyone's extra posts that don't qualify as an entry are not included in the total number submitted and are not, therefore, counted as I look for the number among the list.


  1. Thank You so much!!! Your family has been a true blessing to ours. You are amazing and we love you so!!! May god continue to bless all of you!! You have no idea how grateful I am to have won this, and in the same scense a little saddened that everyone else didn't. This is not just some random gift. This is a LIFETIME gift of an amazing parental/child bond. Thank you God for all that you are and will be.

  2. The music on here is so soothing. I promise alicia I'm not a blog stalker. I have your blog open while I'm doing work in my office so that the music is cycleing in the background.

  3. Ha ha! I LOVE love piano music... I'm so glad you like it too! And you are SO right! This is no ordinary, random gift! It truly is the gift of a lifetime straight from the heart of God to all who read it! Congrats again!