Tuesday, March 29, 2011

To The Farm We Go

The end of a long chapter, we moved out of our home on The Ranch today. 

We moved our things into the shop at The Farm... Bummer it's not into the house.  But!  At last we are there.  We didn't exactly finish the project by today, but at least a few rooms are mostly done.  Not sure where my laptop is at the moment so I can't post any pictures, but things are crankin' right along!  Shoudn't be too much longer before it all comes together.

The boys (Dad, Jordan, and Samuel) slept there tonight in our room.  Breaking it in for us girls, I suppose.  We (Mom, Nia, and Eligh) came back to Papa and Grammey's for another night.  So, we'll see how much we can get done tomorrow! 

Good news/Bad news on the well.  We should have water flowing freely in a few days (good)...We need a new well (bad).  My dad... Oh, my dad.  He's been the more supportive and helpful than anyone and now, he's got the connections to help us get water.  Thank you Dad.

Pictures.  Gotta have pictures.  I know!  They are coming... beware.


  1. i am sooo glad you are there!!!! any time you need some water, or just want to take advantage of the running water here, come over! we are all finally feeling better.

    blessings in your new house.

  2. How exciting. I bet the boys had a great time and will remember that night forever. Hope the well will be put in with no worries. But how wonderful to have a place to call home. Now...what is that name??? ;) muah~

  3. Wow, I'm full of goose bumps picturing the boys sleeping there. What excitement! You guys have all worked so hard seeing this dream through and God has been amazing through it all! There is MUCH to be thankful for! I love you and your sweet family, Leesh. :)