Thursday, March 24, 2011

Patchwork Walls and That's Not All

If only plaster was as pleasing to the eye as some lovely fabric is --

Oooo... and there is so much more!  (But, I'm sure you are catching my drift...)

The Bedroom is almost ready!  This is the floor after the first coat of varnish --

The second coat is done and looks amazing!

Moving along, here we have Ben working on the well.  Yes, the all consuming well that has taken weeks is still not working properly. 

We got water yesterday. There we were, cheering, laughing, hugging, kissing, hi-fiving, jumping up and down, taking pictures, everything short of back-handsprings (the ol' wrists aren't what they used to be!) --

*Notice the grin

For a whole 30 seconds -- then it stopped.  Just stopped. In a split second it went from a fire hydrant spray to zilch.

We are praying (and please pray with us) that we will not need to drill a new well. 

We've got doors now, so that's nice...

Water would be even more exciting, right?  At least the little things that don't mean anything without water are coming along...  I'm almost laughing.  I'm at least smiling today!

Here we have the girl's room.  Almost done here.  A few replacement trim pieces... A little paint on the baseboards and then we're on to the floors.

That's it for today... I'm off to The Farm.

Alicia Grace

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  1. Off to the farm...have you thought of a name for it yet? Love the door moldings that go around the doors. What a great floor color too! Prayers that the living waters spring into action and stay in action! ox